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A certified nursing assistant (CNA), sometimes referred to as an nurse assistant, is a base-level nurse that provides a basic level of care and nurse services. The main role of a certified nursing assistant is to help people, often disabled and/or elderly, who have difficulty managing basic daily actions. The majority of CNAs work in residential care facilities and nursing homes.

In order to become a CNA students must complete training and receive the certification.  The future career outlook for certified nursing assistant jobs in Arkansas is positive. Certified nursing assistant schools in Arkansas can help students swiftly develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required to find a job as a certified nursing assistant.

Arkansas CNA Course Overview

CNA Schools in ArkansasThe training courses at certified nursing assistant schools in Arkansas can slightly. However, in general CNA training programs are relatively short. Some CNA schools prepare you to become certified in under just a month! Find CNA schools in Arkansas today! CNA training is centered on basic nursing care and does not cover the more detailed health care and medical topics that is a part of in a more advanced nursing degree, such as registered nurse or gerontology nurse. Certified nursing assistant schools in Arkansas deliver training that teaches students core nursing principles. Some typical learning areas may include:

  • Understanding of sanitation and cleanliness.
  • Emergency and safety precautions.
  • Clinical nursing practices.
  • Communicating with staff and patients.
  • Infection control.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary in Arkansas

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median yearly salary for certified nursing assistants was $24,010 in 2010. The certified nursing assistant salary in Arkansas may be higher or lower based upon various factors. Some common factors that can affect salary include, cost of living in Arkansas or an employee’s experience and education. Nearly 10% of CNAs earned a salary of $34,000 or higher. For more specific data, CNA-Nursing.com has put together a thorough list of CNA salary info where one can find certified nursing assistant wages in Arkansas.

Arkansas Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs

Many students wonder, “Am I going to find certified nursing assistant jobs in Arkansas when I graduate?” There is no certain answer for that question. However, the BLS has indicated that the future job market for CNA jobs in Arkansas looks good. The BLS projects a 20% growth of CNA jobs across the U.S. This would result in about 300,000 new CNA jobs, including certified nursing assistant jobs in Arkansas. To locate jobs in Arkansas, you may wish to use online jobs boards like Indeed.com or Monster.

Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs in Arkansas

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