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CNA classes in Hawaii are developed to prepare students for a career path as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). As opposed to more advanced nursing careers, such as registered nurse or LVN, a certified nursing assistant does not deliver medical services. CNAs administer non-medical nursing services that aid people with daily life. As some people can imagine, certified nursing assistants need to be certified before they can provide nursing services. Most nursing assistants work in residential care facilities or nursing homes.

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Duties

Certified nursing assistants support people, the majority of whom are elderly and disabled adults, who are incapable to manage their daily life without help. A CNA helps these people with common activities, such as bathing, changing clothes, and transportation. Other common nursing assistant duties include:

  • Take patient vital signs (temperature and blood pressure).
  • Helping patients drink and eat.
  • Communicate with medical staff and faculty.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary in Hawaii

CNA Salary in HawaiiCNA classes in Hawaii provide an opportunity for you to swiftly move from class room to the workforce. While CNA salary in Hawaii is not the best paying job, it provides a speedy opportunity to generating cash flow. Many students don’t have the ability to afford longer training programs and have a necessity to make income immediately. CNA classes in Hawaii give people such an opportunity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average CNA salary is $11.50 per hour, or about $24,000 per year. Some certified nursing assistants earn higher or lower than the average. The CNA salary in Hawaii is most likely based upon different factors, such as experience and education. See our table that breaks out certified nursing assistant salary by state. A simple way to identify CNA salary in Hawaii is to find current Hawaii CNA jobs and see what employers pay in the area.

Hawaii CNA Jobs

Once you have completed CNA classes in Hawaii, you should be ready to search for a job as a nursing assistant. Employers in Hawaii will be searching for students who show a great interest in nursing and can prove they are able to deliver the nursing services needed at the facility. Searching for Hawaii CNA jobs is simple with online job sites like or Monster.

CNA Jobs in Hawaii

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