Why Choose a Career in Nursing?

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Nursing Assistant Duties - MobilityWith an increasing large aging population, many students are considering a career in nursing. The job market is growing and wages for nursing jobs are good. Most nursing jobs require a degree, but some only require minimal training courses. Getting your foot in the door as an entry level nurse, such as a Certified Nursing Assistant, is a great way to begin your nursing career track. The other benefit of working as a nurse is you directly affect the health and lives of other people. This has the added advantage of giving you a sense of accomplishment and pride after every day of work. You can work to help others and earn a living wage while you do it!

Helping Others

One of the main reasons people choose a career in nursing is to help others. Even Mohandas Ghandi, when he was immersed in public service to fight for social justice spent two hours a day at the local hospital carrying out nursing duties. There was something spiritual, but also practical about nursing that gave him a deep sense of gratitude and inner worth. In western society much of our experience with nursing is in a large hospital where the nurses take your temperature, check your blood pressure, measure your weight, and then tell you to wait in a room in your underwear for the doctor.

Traditionally nursing has meant long term, close care for a patient. Today it still does, but we have become somewhat disconnected from the concept. Perhaps a Certified Nursing Assistant, who takes care of the same patients day after day and helps them through their daily activities, making life easier, still lives by this principle.

A Living Wage

While the Certified Nursing Assistant doesn’t make very much money, the occupation doesn’t require much education to begin a career. In fact, you can become a CNA in usually less than a couple months. For most people the CNA occupation is a stepping stone to higher nursing jobs such as the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) or Registered Nurse (RN). These nursing occupations can earn upwards of $64,000 per year, or about $30/hour.

CNA Career Options